My professional interests include business strategy, account management, sales, international development, and human capital management.

Currently, I am a Global Program Manager for Facebook. I work with global operations teams to help make Facebook a safer place to build community. Prior to Facebook, I worked in Customer Success Management for Amazon Business, the b2b version of Amazon.com.  At Amazon I led the largest value,  strategic account implementations of Amazon Business with commercial enterprise customers.  Over the span of my career I’ve held various roles in product strategy at Pearson Education where I was selected out of 685 qualified applicants to participate in their competitive (2% acceptance rate), two-year rotational leadership development program.  I have been lucky enough to work with teams spanning product development, marketing, global strategy, sales and efficacy research to build the next generation of edtech products.  I am passionate about diversity in business and at Pearson, lead the first award-winning employee resource group, New York Women in Learning & Leadership  (NY WILL) and represented the company at its first global summit with our CEO, John Fallon.  

When not in the office I love to travel and have taken opportunities to live and study abroad in the UK, Brazil, Mexico and Argentina. I have a BA from Smith College and a master’s degree in Latin American Studies from the University of Oxford.  

Please visit my LinkedIn page, or check out the interview below, for more information on my work experience. 

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Explore a career in Customer Success Management in Tech - Discussion with Nereyda Esparza, Customer Success Manager @Amazon

Pictured here (second right) with colleagues from NY WILL.

Pictured here (second right) with colleagues from NY WILL.